TREZOR Cryptocurrency Wallet Review & The Best Promo Offers

08/11/2018 Deals


Today cryptocurrency hardware wallets are popular and well recommended, as they allow you simply and conveniently store your crypto assets. But the TREZOR best cryptocurrency wallet out there?

The TREZOR One was the world’s first crypto asset hardware wallet, but how does it compete to all the other options out there? In this detailed review, we will dive in and find out.


  • Make securing your cryptocurrency really simple.
  • Supports ERC-20 tokens, BTC, as well as 20 other digital coins
  • Competitively priced (£89 / $116)

What is a
TREZOR Crypto-currency wallet?

The TREZOR was the world’s first Bitcoin hardware wallet. It is created by SATOSHI Labs and was introduced in 2014. Since the launch, the TREZOR wallet has grown to support a complete of 22 digital coins as well as all ERC: 20 tokens. Crypto wallets are famous and well-recommended by the virtual community because they let you safely store and use your crypto assets. They are not free of cost, but they are worth each penny for the convenience and security they provide.

But wait why they are very secure?

Crypto hardware wallets store sensitive details, like your asset’s private keys, on the tools itself. That detail never leaves the device. When you do wish to make a transaction, it will process on the device. You will also have to physically identify the tx before it’s authorized.

Supported Crypto Coins

The TREZOR supports many well-known digital coins, including Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, and Litecoin LTC. Beyond this, they also support 20 digital currencies. Via TREZOR’s integration with My Crypto – My Ether Wallet, the TREZOR also supports safe storage of each ERC20 tokens.

What is in the Box?

  • 2x Recovery Sheets
  • User Manual
  • Small TREZOR Lanyard
  • 15cm (USB to Micro USB) Cable
  • 4x TREZOR Stickers

Getting Started

The procedure:

  • Plug TREZOR into your Laptop or PC.
  • Go to:
  • Select TREZOR One (they had also one more product named TREZOR T)
  • Install the newest firmware.
  • The TREZOR will ask you to reconnect it two times.
  • Now create a new wallet.
  • Done!


Once you have done these steps, you can start using your TREZOR wallet straight away. Though, we’d highly encourage you to backup – setup a PIN code quickly. It takes less 3-5 minutes.  When you set and insert your PIN. The TREZOR wallet will scramble what digit is assigned to each of these dots. This assists to keep your device more secure, as any bug – malware on your PC would not know what your PIN is.


Compared to the TREZOR Model T, TREZOR one looks and feels really cheap. It is lightweight (12g) and small (60mm x 30mm x 6mm). The TREZOR screen is just monochrome, but it is simple enough to read. I bought the TREZOR in black color, but get it in white too. After being spoiled by the complete color touch display on the TREZOR T, I was a bit disappointed by the TREZOR One’s shape. In comparison, the TREZOR T is a complete lot CLUNKIER to use too. Though, I do not consider this is a huge deal.

A crypto wallet is not the same fancy style accessory. As-long-as it keeps your individual data safe, how it looks – feels should not matter much. If the design does matter to you, you can try other TREZOR Model T.

TREZOR Wallet Interface

TREZOR’s crypto wallet is remarkable. Even for beginners, I think it would be intuitive and simple to use. The most useful options in the interface are, Import from CV and Add Recipient. These options let you sent digital money to many addresses in one transaction. You may see this referred to as batching elsewhere. The main advantage of this is that it lowers the charges paid if you are intending to send a digital asset to many addresses.

Additional Features

The TREZOR comes with a number of useful additional features:

  • 2-factor authentication: you can use your TREZOR as a 2nd authentication tool with services like Google, Dropbox, and GitHub.
  • Password manager: a spontaneous and simple to use a password Because this does not trust a master password, it is much more protected.
  • Sign-in with TREZOR: some sites, like CoinPayments or Bitstamp, integrate with your TREZOR wallet.
  • Customize home screen: you can upload a small black and white picture which will be shown on your TREZOR Screen.

TREZOR One and T

The TREZOR One costs about £89 / $116, Model T costs around £181 / $238 from the official TREZOR website. You can pay with a credit and debit card, or digital money (BTC).

Difference between TREZOR one and TREZOR model T

The TREZOR Model T’s touch display is a major upgrade which makes it faster and easier to use. With the TREZOR Model T, you will enter sensitive info (e.g., your passphrase, PIN, or recovery seed) straightly on the screen. In comparison to the TREZOR Model One, the TREZOR T is much CLUNKIER to use as I mentioned earlier.

The TREZOR One and TREZOR Model T support the same figure of coins right now. Though, the TREZOR model T will start to support more coins (MONERO and XRP) which is TREZOR One would not. You’d trust that your digital assets would be safe with either of these, but the TREZOR model T is a better and latest option if you look through the future insights.

Best Promo offers

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