NordVPN Special 3 Years Deal & Exclusive Review

08/11/2018 Deals

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NordVPN has forever had a special place in our heart and we were very happy to sit down this year and do a full new review from scratch. Though on the other hand, we were happy to see much of the services like NordVPN were, with a number of improvements, even a core search found some handful things that’s been changed, but have not.

Not that Nord VPN is in risk of losing its place in top three VPN, it is an exceptional service that’ll find a broad appeal between people interested in keeping their data secure, yet also with a consumer-friendly experience. Though, some niggles keep it from beating best VPN providers.

Even though, NordVPN has a top number in one key regard: Cost. Though its usual plans are very reasonably priced, to say the least, NordVPN is presently running a deal where if you sign for 3 years, you just pay 101.76 USD. That works out to 2.82 USD each month, which might be the ideal deal on the market now.

NordVPN – Usability, and Features

It is simple to pick your endpoint from the desktop customer, which also provides some shortcuts to endpoints with specific additional security features, including DDoS protection, Double VPN, Onion routing via the TOR Network or support P2P torrenting.

It’s up to date setting include an option to mechanically link to VPN when windows start and a customizable list of apps that you can use a Kill switch to. This means that, if your VPN link drops, the apps would not send as well as receive any data through your standard online link, helping to keep, more secure.

NordVPN has one of the finest value subscriptions around. 3 years' work out 101.76 USD or 2.82 USD each month, while its monthly and annual subscription is about median for the sector. A 3-day free trial is also available so you can make sure that it gives all the service you need before committing for a longer term, and those in search of additional anonymity can pay BTC.

One more interesting feature is Cyber sec, which you’ll be prompted to set up when you get started. As it keeps you from annoyances like advertisements as well as risks such as malware, bug and being enslaved in a botnet, we see no cause to let it.

Nord VPN – Performance

Transfer speed tests through its Netherlands and UK endpoints maxed out server’s test link at around 10.5 MB each second. Like last years, NordVPN’s weak spot is its USA speeds, which came 1.9 Mb per second this time around. That is fine for the most purpose, including streaming, but also a slight sluggish compared to both a few rival service givers. We were particularly pleased with NordVPN’s performance, we were capable to view region locked content on Netflix US, BBC i-player and UK. It has a wide number of servers in 65 diff states, which doubtless helps its IP addresses keep off streaming sector blacklists.

Why purchase NordVPN?

NordVPN regularly performs well in our all tests, with an amazing number of features at a low middling price, depending on which package you opt for. It is one of the few VPN providers to confidently go undetected by BBC i-Player and Netflix, making it a remarkable option for those who wish to watch area shifted video streaming content.

Owned by Panama backed Tel Fin Com, Nord VPN has, at the time of testing over 5000 active servers in 60 states, from US, UK and most of the EU to less routine endpoints in Taiwan, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia, and New Zealand. Panama has not data retention legislation in force and Nord VPN itself has a not logging plan. NordVPN says that it moves services in restrictive states such as Russia by completely configuring the service it rents from local ISPs itself.

NordVPN Special 3 Years Deal

Supported Devices

The NordVPN supports all the major operating systems, including Windows 7, 8 and 10, as well as IOS and Android. On cell phone, it’ll equally run well, if we are to believe the general opinion, on both IOS and Android. There are also plug-ins for Firefox and Chrome, meaning you can protect your browsing straightly. On the peak being versatile, NordVPN also provides you the option to link up to 6 devices at a time, meaning you can really put this wealth of operating systems to fine use. In fact, NordVPN is the best VPN service provider for many devices out there, meaning it gets top spot from us in this feature also.

Security & Privacy

Security is one more section where Nord VPN shines as it does not just offer the extremely best in protocols and encryption, but also because it allows you select from a large range of both as-well-as the “specialty servers” we described before. It even beats Top VPN (ExpressVPN), though just by a splash, thanks to its twice-hop servers.

The Double VPN servers are a cool and unique feature that’d serve you well if you are worried that somebody on the other end is able of cracking your tunnel, creating them ideal for any person doing anything unsafe on the internet. It is one of the main reasons why Nord VPN is one of the best VPN out now.


  • Fast speeds with 5100+ servers in 62 locations;
  • Privacy – strict no logs of user activity;
  • 6 simultaneous connections;
  • Streaming – unblocks Netflix, Hulu, etc.;
  • Torrenting/P2P allowed;
  • Built-in ad and malware blocking;
  • Works in China (if the case);
  • Easy-to-use VPN apps;
  • Specialty servers like Onion over VPN, Double VPN;
  • 24/7 live chat;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


Special 2 Years Deal

Nord VPN is one of the finest VPN service provider and PC Mag Editor’s Choice winner. The Nord VPN encrypts data two times to provide the tightest safety, with 5100+ ultra-quick and protected servers in 62 countries and Up to 6 simultaneous connections. We provide Nord VPN Coupon to get massive 70% off For Special 3 Years Deal. For Grab your discount click below to redeem now.

NordVPN Special 3 Years Deal



Nord VPN Might not is the cheapest VPN out there, but it is certainly not the most luxurious either – and most significantly, you get outstanding value for your money. The company also offers a three-day free trial and a one-month money-back guarantee (though to get your refund, you’ve to talk to a service representative through live chat and give them your basis for quitting). However, I’ve got a feeling that when you start using NordVPN, you would not wish to say goodbye so fast.

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