Ledger Nano S Wallet Review and Discount

09/11/2018 Deals


The modern world is getting technologized day by day and each and everything around us now has digitalized. Among all these things, digital currency takes a special place. The digital currency concept was introduced to the world in early 1980s and as a result of a research carried out by David Chaum, digital cash was emerged. This concept was evolved and developed with the time and today we have the latest edition of this concept as crypto currency. In the beginning, crypto currencies were not much popular among people and they did not have much attention. But when it comes to the modern day, cryptocurrencies play a huge role in the world’s currency field and most of the people are aware about these currencies.


When we discuss about the cryptocurrencies, there are some terms which come along with it. The digital wallet is the most important and the most familiar term among them. When people deal with normal money, they need to have a wallet to store or keep money. So, the same theory is applied to cryptocurrencies. When you deal with cryptocurrencies or digital currencies, you need to have a wallet and that wallet is known as digital wallet. Same as the digital currencies, digital wallets too kept evolving and today we have the latest upgrades of the digital wallets with the latest features. Since the cryptocurrency got popular among people, many companies have started to get involved with this field and some chose digital wallet as the path to stick with. So many companies have started to develop digital wallets and as a result of that today we have so many digital wallets under various brands available in the market. Although there are hundreds of digital wallet products available, we can’t assure for all of them to be the best products. So it is important to pick that one product which is efficient by all means. When it comes to the best products in the market, they always come under the best and reputed brands available in the relevant industry. So, the same theory can be applied to the digital wallet field too. Among all the brands available in the digital hardware wallet market, Ledger is considered as one of the best brands thanks to their innovative and useful products. The Ledger Wallet Company is a company based in France and it was founded in 2014. Ever since they were highlighted a lot in the industry because of their high-end products. Ledger Nano S Wallet is their latest wallet which is integrated with almost all the latest features which a most secure hardware wallet can have.


When we consider about the appearance and useful features of the Ledger Nano S wallet, there are some important factors that need your awareness. Following are some of those factors that should have your attention.


  • Screen

This ledger comes with a display screen which enables you to literally see whatever the thing you do. Therefore this can verify all the operations and deals you make through the ledger. So, this feature can be considered as an efficient user-friendly feature.


  • App

The Ledger Nano S Wallet comes with the Ledger Live companion app which enables the user to check the balance easily and to monitor the transactions of the cryptocurrencies.


  • Buttons

This wallet is integrated with two buttons which is used to control all the operations done through the wallet. This is another user-friendly and efficient feature available in the Ledger Nano S Wallet.


  • Secure Chip

The Ledger Nano S Wallet comes with a robust secure chip which assist you to withstand all kind of sophisticated attacks and it allows you to safeguard your private keys.


  • Tamper Proof

The secure chip of this wallet checks the integrity of your device each time you power on the device. Therefore you do not need any anti-tampering sticker to protect your device.


  • BOLOS Operating System

This is a highly secured operating system developed by ledger especially for this wallet and it allows the ledger to operate in the best way. The BOLOS operating system creates a shield for each of the apps in your device, so that those applications cannot access your sensitive and confidential information.


The Ledger Nano S wallet supports 40 cryptocurrencies which include popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and many more. This wallet can run on 5 to 18 device applications at the same time and even if you uninstall one application, the private keys to access the assets that you own remain secure. You can manage it again by simply installing the device application back in the ledger. In order to access your above assets, you need to have the device plugged to a computer through a USB cable.


When the Ledger Nano S wallet is setup for the first time, the user have to set a pin. And later a seed of 24 words is given to create private keys which enable you to access your assets. After the first setup, user will have to install the apps which are required to use the device and these apps can be varied depending on the choice of cryptocurrency. Now, users can get the chrome extension too which makes things even better and easier. The above mentioned features are only a few and there are many more useful and interesting features integrated in this device.


So it should be clear that this is one of the best digital wallets available in the market and it can be useful for all the cryptocurrency users in the world. As mentioned above, the Ledger Nano S wallet can be used to manage your assets efficiently and it will protect your assets from many attacks. This wallet is now available for purchase and you have the chance to get this great product for a very affordable price with a 20% discount along with free express shipping. So do not wait and grab the chance while it is available. You will not regret having this wallet with you and it will exceed your expectations for sure.