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English maybe is your mother language. You also use it every day. However, there is no guarantee that you can write it without having a grammatical error. It could be a problem if you write an important document for your organization, school, company, or job. It can cause a problem in the future. But, there is a solution to it. Get the proofreading help and you can correct all the mistakes that you’ve made.


The problem is hiring a professional proofreader is expensive. But, you can use the alternative. It’s called Grammarly. Their service will help you to deal with any grammatical error in your documents. In the end, you will get a nearly perfect writing.


What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is the online checker service that will tell you the grammatical error in your writing. The main service here is the grammatical check. However, Grammarly also provides other services that will help you to create high-quality content with a low grammatical error. The services that we meant here is the plagiarism check and even human proofreaders help. They ensure that you will get perfect writing.


Grammarly is available in two different versions. They are free version and paid/premium version. A free version is actually a good tool. It’s much better than the grammar check tool in MS Word. This version will help you to find three types of mistakes, which are punctuation error, grammar error, and spelling error. Then, you can fix or change it easily with the guide feature on this version directly on your browser.


On the other hand, the premium version provides much better grammar check service for you. It can even find more than 250 types of grammatical error and help you to fix it. Moreover, with the paid version, you also can use the plagiarism check as well as human proofreading service. Just by looking at what the premium version can do for you, we can easily call it the best grammar checker tool you can find today.


The Advantages of Grammarly

We’ve found many advantages from using Grammarly service as grammar check tool. Here are some of them:


  • Easy to Use

You just need to copy the text from your document into the checking area in Grammarly website. Then, it will automatically find the error and point it out. You just need to choose the correct word/grammar/punctuation that is provided by the Grammarly tool. Once you correct all the part, you just need to copy the text back to your text processing software and it’s done.


You also can export the document file into the Grammarly. This tool supports many document file formats. So, we believe that you won’t have any problem to export your document file.


  • High-Quality Correction

Grammarly provides really high-quality correction for your text. This tool is smart enough so we can compare it with a human proofreader. Interestingly, Grammarly also has human proofreading service, which means it gives the all-around service to create perfect document.


  • Online Tool

Grammarly is an online tool. That means everyone can access it from anywhere. They don’t need to install specific tool into their device. So, anytime you need a grammar check, you can use it.


  • The Add-On

This is one of the best benefits from Grammarly. The Grammarly add-on will help you to correct any mistake that you made, while you write on your browser. This is useful if you want to avoid any mistake when you write an important email and send it to an important recipient.


The add-on also works on almost many platforms. So, it’s not the only email. When you write a blog post, the add-on will automatically point out the mistake that you’ve made. Then, you can correct it on spot. It’s not only a blog post. If you write a comment on the website, forum and even Google Translate, the Grammarly tool will help you to correct it.


  • Human Proofreading

If you don’t believe with how Grammarly can help you to point out the mistake and fix it, you also can use the human proofreading service from Grammarly. Just reminds you, this service is only available on the premium version of Grammarly. You will have professional proofreaders that help you to correct your text.


  • Performance Information

This is very useful information from Grammarly. The performance information will tell you how well you write the document that you’ve just checked. It shows many data, such as word count, readability level, vocabulary, and others. That way you can easily know your writing ability.


  • The Set Goal

The Set Goal features are another good thing from Grammarly. In the free version, you can only set the goal of your writing in several categories, such as your target audience, the writing style (formal or informal), writing domain, and emotion. However, the premium version will let you set more categories.


The Set Goal version will help Grammarly to adjust the way it corrects your writing in the future. Therefore, you will always get the best result whenever you use this tool.


Grammarly Pricing and Discount

For the premium or paid version, actually, there are two options you can take, which is the Premium package and Business package. For Premium version, you need to pay for $29.95 per month or $139.95 total if you take the annual plan. The Business plan is available for $15 per month. But, you can only purchase this plan for 3 members, which cost $540 annually.


However, you don’t need to worry about its price. You also can use the coupon code from WhyPayFull. With this deal, you can get a massive discount of 61% for the premium plan. This is good offers, and worth to get, if you work with text or type a lot in your job.

  • Login to your free account
  • Click on Premium from the left side navigation panel
  • Select “Premium plan” Get started
  • Select Annual plan $11.66/ month


Grammarly – MASSIVE 61% Discount


The accuracy and result quality is very satisfying. You will get the best and no error text for your document, emails, blog post, or comment with Grammarly. Therefore, we recommend you to get the premium version of Grammarly. Plus with our deal, you also get a 61% massive discount that will deal with the price and save you more money.

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