Pros & Cons of Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange

28/11/2018 Cryptocurrency


Binance is relatively a new Chinese based company, made by skilled professionals in the crypto field. The most well-known name behind this huge plan is that of Chang Peng Zhao, previous CTO at OK-Coin. The company was made after attracting funds through Initial Coin offerings (ICO – making new virtual assets, backed by the scheme). The Unique Staking tokens (BNB) can now be traded on the crypto exchange or applied as

Ledger Nano S Wallet Review and Discount

09/11/2018 Deals


The modern world is getting technologized day by day and each and everything around us now has digitalized. Among all these things, digital currency takes a special place. The digital currency concept was introduced to the world in early 1980s and as a result of a research carried out by David Chaum, digital cash was emerged. This concept was evolved and developed with the time and today we have the