Pros & Cons of Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange

28/11/2018 Cryptocurrency


Binance is relatively a new Chinese based company, made by skilled professionals in the crypto field. The most well-known name behind this huge plan is that of Chang Peng Zhao, previous CTO at OK-Coin. The company was made after attracting funds through Initial Coin offerings (ICO – making new virtual assets, backed by the scheme). The Unique Staking tokens (BNB) can now be traded on the crypto exchange or applied as

Ledger Nano S Wallet Review and Discount

09/11/2018 Deals


The modern world is getting technologized day by day and each and everything around us now has digitalized. Among all these things, digital currency takes a special place. The digital currency concept was introduced to the world in early 1980s and as a result of a research carried out by David Chaum, digital cash was emerged. This concept was evolved and developed with the time and today we have the

TREZOR Cryptocurrency Wallet Review & The Best Promo Offers

08/11/2018 Deals


Today cryptocurrency hardware wallets are popular and well recommended, as they allow you simply and conveniently store your crypto assets. But the TREZOR best cryptocurrency wallet out there? The TREZOR One was the world’s first crypto asset hardware wallet, but how does it compete to all the other options out there? In this detailed review, we will dive in and find out. Pros Make securing your cryptocurrency really simple. Supports